What is your shipping policy?

We currently ship to USA locations only and will be shipping globally soon!  Our website uses a third party drop shipping company called Printify via USPS for all merch items unless otherwise specified. Our shipping cost is worked into the retail pricing, so shipping on your order is always free.  This means that all items are produced and shipped direct from the manufacturer.  Due to this process, your items may come in separate deliveries and take different amounts of time for shipping.  Items will be processed between 3-5 business days and then are sent to production.  All estimated production times are noted on each item description ranging from 3-6 business days after your order is processed.  You may receive separate tracking information per each distributer if purchasing multiple items that ship from different distributers and they may arrive on different dates.  Please allow extra processing, production, and shipping time for dates surrounding Holidays.  Digital downloads will be e-mailed only to the e-mail address on your order confirmation from lipstickbiddies@gmail.com in PDF format within 3-5 business days of your order.

What is your return/exchange/refund policy?

Due to the policies of the Printify, unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds, returns, or exchanges on branded merchandise.  All purchases are final sale.  If your item arrived damaged, we can request to have a free replacement shipped out to you with photo proof of damage.  This is subject to Printify's discretion, and we cannot guarantee that a replacement request will be approved.  We are unable to offer refunds in the case of packages that are stolen or lost in transit, however, we will help in whatever way possible to assist in a claim with the parcel carrier.  Digital downloads are final sale and will be e-mailed in PDF format only to the e-mail address attached to the order.  

Do you ship to locations outside the US?

We do!  Most of our items ship worldwide however, the cost of purchase does not include customs fees or currency exchange that you may incur outside of your purchase through the website.  All shipping location specifications are noted in each item's description.

I love your merch and your style!  I have my own company that I think would be great to collaborate with you on our products.  Is that something you do?

Yes!  We do brand collaborations both with content and products.  Please e-mail your proposal with as much detail as possible to lipstickbiddies@gmail.com

I have seen items on your IG that I do not see in the merch store, where can I get them?

Many of the items you see on social media that are not in the merch store are exclusive merch that are available only with a subscription to our Patreon community including our glitter and holographic stickers.  Find out more about the Patreon details here: https://www.patreon.com/lipstickbiddies There are also limited edition and limited release items, styles, or colors that may have been available in the past that have been discontinued.  If you see something you'd like to see come back for a second appearance, don't hesitate to make a special request with the screenshot of the item by e-mailing lipstickbiddies@gmail.com


I don't get the name, what in the hell is a Biddy?!

It's a word I've used to talk about my friends, my people, and of course over the shoulder boulder holders.  It's a word of endearment and I promise it'll catch on to your regular vocabulary now!  Here's a few urban dictionary definitions that should explain best:

We got to get us some biddies to hang out with tonight.
by Cash Money March 02, 2005


Another cool ass name for a girl's breasts
"That girl done got some small ass biddies://"
by kmcdx67 January 10, 2020

I didn't know you had a podcast!  Where can I listen?

You can listen to the Lipstick Biddies Podcast on your favorite streaming platform including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.  You can access the dashboard with links to all of these platforms through our hosting website, Anchor:  https://anchor.fm/lipstickbiddies. Make sure to drop a rating and review too!

I am interested in being a sponsor or securing an ad placement on your podcast, is that something you do?

We are always open to proposals for both sponsored episodes and advertisements within our podcast episodes.  Please e-mail lipstickbiddies@gmail.com with as much detail as possible about your proposal and we will be in touch within 2 business days.

I'd love to be a guest on Lipstick Biddies!  How do I go about it?

We are always looking for as up-and-coming personalities, seasoned industry professionals, and all sorts of creative folks to feature on the Lipstick Biddies Podcast!  When screening guests, we primarily look for those who have a unique story, viewpoint, or personality that would fit within the current needs of the podcast.  All sorts of folks are welcome to apply and not just makeup artists!  Past guests have included brand owners, photographers, content creators, beauty enthusiasts, comedians and more.  We do have a google form that every guest application will need to be processed through which can be obtained by e-mailing lipstickbiddies@gmail.com Please include in the subject line "Podcast Guest Application Request" and you will be sent the form.  If you do not complete the google form, we will not be able to keep track of your request so please be sure to fill it out promptly and fully to be considered.  Please note that due to the volume of requests received, we are unable to reply to each individual application.  However, be assured that the google form replies are always referenced whenever we are in need of guests to schedule!  

Your podcast is fucking awesome!  What can I do to show my support?

The best way to support the Lipstick Biddies Podcast is always by rating, reviewing, subscribing, and sharing us across our social media platforms.  This is how we are able to reach more ears by gaining more visibility by hearing your own feedback and it's free!  Drop a review in the apple podcast store or your favorite streaming platform.  You can also share your thoughts about the podcast and tag us on social media @rachelrosemakeup and @lipstickbiddies as well as repost our content to reach a broader audience!

Is there a way to support you and the podcast in a more tangible, monetary way?  I'd love to help back you to get this podcast to a bigger scale!

By shopping our merch store here, you are definitely supporting us!  Another way you can support is by joining the Patreon community.  Without my Patreon subscribers, I wouldn't have the capital to even launch this website and merch that you are able to access right now!  I am forever grateful to those who have believed in me and this crazy journey we're on. This is truly the best way to put your support directly into a creator's hands and you as a supporter receive pretty dope perks that are exclusive to the patron community.  There are 4 tiers to choose from, with the base tier being less than the price of a lipstick!  Learn more about the Patreon community and sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/lipstickbiddies

I host my own podcast and I would love to have you as a guest on mine!  Do you also do interviews for other people's productions?

Absolutely!  I am available for both local in person or virtual interviews and am set up for both audio and video formats for your podcast/webcast/youtube channel etc!  Please e-mail lipstickbiddies@gmail.com with the details of your show and we will reply within 2 business days.

I know a lot of podcasts also have a youtube channel, do you have one that you post video to?

Yes!  We post both full length video recordings of our podcast episodes as well as clips from episodes and clips from our IG! You can follow our youtube channel here which is currently being updated during our season break: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXzO-OQqGjfwr6YxBgMXhjA  


You talk so much about community, how can I find more Lipstick Biddies fans and community members to connect with?

We are thrilled to have our Lipstick Biddies Podcast Community Facebook group open to all people who are interested in supporting and growing this community.  This is a private facebook group and you must answer ALL entry questions and agree to the group rules, otherwise your request will be declined.  This is a necessary extra step to continue to keep our community a safe space for all.  Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lipstickbiddiescommunity/

You are fucking hilarious!  I love this podcast and would love to meet you or have a meetup in my town, do you do those sorts of things?  

Thank you!  And absolutely, I love meeting all my Biddies from around the world!  I have hosted 2 super successful meetups to date in both NYC and Atlanta!  Due to the nature of my career, I am able to travel and the best way to keep tabs on meetups I am hosting is to join the Patreon, Facebook Group, or follow me on IG @lipstickbiddies where I always try to keep up to date with current events I'm hosting.  In addition, you are welcome to host your own local Lipstick Biddies meetup by posting in our Facebook group!

I'd love to book you for my event, as an educator, content creation, social media strategy, or for a makeup gig, how do I go about doing that?

Any booking requests for the Lipstick Biddies Podcast, education, social media strategy, mentorship, branded content etc. can be e-mailed to lipstickbiddies@gmail.com  For all bookings related to makeup, artistry, or content you see on my @rachelrosemakeup Instagram account, please e-mail info@rachelrosemakeup.com

Where else can I find you?

You can find Lipstick Biddies on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok with the handle @lipstickbiddies  We are the one and only!  You can view my makeup artistry on Instagram @rachelrosemakeup and my portfolio and resume is available on my website www.rachelrosemakeup.com