Whats up Biddies??  Welcome to the badass side of the beauty community!

The Lipstick Biddies Podcast and Community was created by Atlanta based makeup artist, and HBIC (head biddy in charge) Rachel Rose Mazza.  Rachel started this podcast in October of 2020 alongside a friend with the podcast having a completely different name!  She was yearning for more of a sense of community and support within the beauty industry and wanted to bring together her love for education and comedy onto one platform.  A month later, she took over the podcast as the solo host and shortly after fully rebranded to the Lipstick Biddies you know and love!  Her podcast has rapidly climbed the podcast charts in the US and multiple countries worldwide.  In addition, Rachel has taken social media by storm with her viral Instagram reels and TikToks centered around poking fun at the daily tasks of makeup artistry, content creating, and entrepreneurship.  Rachel brings the Lipstick Biddies Podcast into real life interaction by hosting in-person meetups and appearances with creators and events all over the country including most recently, The Makeup Show NYC.  Alongside this, Rachel is a full time working makeup artist and content creator with an extensive portfolio of work which can be found on her artistry website: www.rachelrosemakeup.com

Lipstick Biddies Atlanta Meetup, August 2021